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Sunday, January 7, 2018

My five wishes for 2018

This prompt too by BlogAdda like the previous one had me reflecting. I have stopped making New year resolutions from a long time because other priorities take over and I have had to shelve them. So planning in advance maybe good but most of it never happens.
If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans by woody Allen remains my favourite quote.
However a wish list is different I suppose but not really…
Anyway when I sat down to make my wish list for 2018 I realized there were many wishes waiting to be fulfilled. And I recalled the couplet by Mirza Ghalib in Urdu, 
“Hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle
Bohat niklay mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle” 

Well here are my 5 wish lists for 2018 which I am hoping to fulfill…
1.   Learn Urdu:
Yes, it is my mother tongue but apart from speaking Urdu – Daccani Urdu as Hyderabadi Urdu is called I could never learn reading and writing the language. I did try several times but I never went beyond the alphabets..Aalif; Bay; Tey; Say; …
So this year I am going to learn to read, write and even speak the language using better words. Urdu is a poetic language and poetry interests me.  And now I am going to read Urdu poetry as well once I learn to read fluently which has been my wish form quiet a long time now. 

2. Learn swimming:
This wish is actually on my bucket list as well. And this year I am going to fulfill it no matter what. Come summer and I will enroll for swimming lessons even if it is once or twice a week because that is the only time I can afford.

     3. Talking of time..this year it is going to about time I guess. So my next wish is Read Read Read:
Reading is my hobby I say but I am not getting enough time to read and still have 9 unread books in the shelf and 2 downloaded from kindle. So now I am going to squeeze time and read these books because I know it will not stop at 9 because I will buy m ore books as and when I see a interesting book.

     4.   Exercise and mediate:
Not enough will power here. But I will gather my will power drag myself out of the bed half an early in the mornings and exercise. I have been advised to exercise but what I do every day is just stretching for about 5 minutes. But now I will follow the complete regimen and exercise for half an hour. And I know it will become a habit. I used to do this stuff for 70 minutes earlier when I was younger. So at this age 30 minutes should be enough. I wish to have a toned body as I used to have before...well with 30 minutes I hope it will be possible

5.   Travel – somewhere – anywhere:
Yes, this year I have to travel someplace. Actually there are so many places and so many people I have been planning and planning to visit but never actually doing it. So this year I will travel to at least one place. Maybe take that trek to the Himalayas or the flower valley which again is on my bucket list or maybe visit my friend up north in Allahabad or down south in Chennai or just go to a tourist spot out of Hyderabad. I wish to travel for the sake of travelling like I used to before.
I hope this year I will fulfill me my wishes. Cheers!!!
What are your wishes? I'd like to know.

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Ghazala Nasreen said...

Wow Nikhat ! Awesome wishes, hope n pray that u will have all of them fulfilled inshallah and also hope all the other wishes which ain't in ur blog also come true. Good luck n all the very best.

Fahad Matano said...

I'd like to know if you are on the fourth wish already.
Reading on the topic of the fifth wish I thought you would come to visit Kenya.
Good luck my friend.